Basline survey on Soyban Production

Th first week of March 2022 saw management of Soya Solutions Eastrn Africa Limited, with support from CRAFT, recruit and conduct a two day training of enumerators to undertake a baseline survey on Soybean production in the districts of Omoro, Kole and Oyam

Omoro district is merging as a major soybean growing district of Acholi sub-region. Nearly 70% of housholds have at least an acr of soybean. Any meaningful intervention must start with th right information.

Climate Smart Agriculture project

Soya Solutions staff attnd training in Climate Smart Agriculture project inception workshop in Mbale. SSEAL will be piloting weather index insurance srvics with selected 2,000 small holder farmers this year, guarantd income of upto UGX 2bn.

Increased Productivity

With the onset of the rainy season, SSEAL has been engaging farmers and cooperative societis in Oyam, Kole and Omoro districts in production of soybean and measures requird to incrase productivity per arce. SSAL distributed over 15,000kgs of high yilding and drought resistant seed, offered weather index insurance for 1000 smallholder farmrs, subsidized soil testing and analysis for 500 farmers and gave out sprayer cans for crop field management.


years of experience

In the commercial production, handling, processing, storage and marketing of soy products.

Farmers engaged

SSEAL has managed to work with over 7000 farmers, both male and female in Northern Uganda.

Beans in circulation

Different Soy bean varieties in circulation within Northen Uganda.

Over Invested

Investment covered capital assets, research, field monitoring and publicity.