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SSEAL's strategy features profitable production of soybean and its products along the value chain and is committed to facilitating easier and cheaper access to plant protein for both humans and animals while generating high returns.

Soya Solutions Eastern Africa Limited(SSEAL) is currently operating in the following areas: Northern part of Uganda with strategic partners including Makerere University (School of Agriculture and Environmental science).

In Northern Uganda, SSEAL has presence and supported farmers in Ogur, Agweng, and Barr sub counties of Lira District and Apala, Abia, Aloi, Akura sub counties of Alebtong district.

Since 2013 SSEAL has promoted different Soybean Varieties in Northern Uganda and Mityana district which include: Maksoy 1N, 2N and 3N planted a cross the Central region and Lango sub region with the purpose of maintaining seed security and minimal postharvest losses among soybean farmers. Soy is a crop that requires processing to unlock its value. The U.S is a home to numerous soybean processing facilities that produce high quality soybean meal, soybean oil, and other soy-based products. These products are utilized in the U.S and are exported around the world

Why grow soybean?


is a crop that requires
processing to unlock its value.

1 Soy Protein is a key ingredient in: - Poultry - Swine - Dairy and Beef - & Aquaculture feeds. Global Importance. Efficient in Production and in cost training and Education

2 Excellent plant-based protein option for the feed industry - Continued growth in meat demand projected - Cost effective protein resource - Reliable and renewable resource - Excellent nutritional profile for swine, poultry and aquaculture

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SSEAL Investments so far

O ur financiers (Directors) of SSEAL have managed to invest over UGX 500 million since inception. This investment covered purchase of capital assets, feasibility studies and research, foundation seed, international travels, field monitoring, publicity and other key administrative requirements.

To achieve its full potential, SSEAL requires further investment to push the objective and vision of the Company. The Company is in the process of obtaining a lease facility from Vaell/Innovare for Insta-Pro soybean processing equipment which will provide a foundation for Phase 2 of the business.

SSEAL is in the final phase of development of a soybean processing business in Uganda that will make an impact on regional food security and provide a template for soybean value chain development in Sub-Saharan Africa. SSEAL Founder, Henry Kizito-Musoke, has already made significant investments in development of this business, and has completed its move to investment-ready status.