Soya Solutions Eastern Africa Limited(SSEAL) is an agribusiness company promoting the commercial production, processing, & marketing of soy products.

Meet our team

SSEAL is investing in the development of soybean production and processing, value chain financing for farmers, improving the marketing of soya products in the country and in the East African region. The Value chain analysis is essential to an understanding of markets, their relationships, the participation of different actors, and the critical constraints that limit the growth of livestock production and consequently the competitiveness of smallholder farmers.

SSEAL is in the final phase of development of a soybean processing business in Uganda that will make an impact on regional food security and provide a template for soybean value chain development in Sub-Saharan Africa. SSEAL Founder, Henry Kizito-Musoke, has already made significant investments in development of this business, and has completed its move to investment-ready status.

SSEAL is an innovative soybean value chain development company, investing in seed variety development and processing operations in a part of the world that has attractive natural resources but lacks best-in-class agricultural technology adapted to local conditions, modern farming techniques, appropriate equipment and management expertise. SSEAL's main focus and areas of expertise are smallholder farmer development programs, soybean seed production, and soybean processing.

In line with our 10-year business plan SSEAL shall be able engage approximately 20,000 small holder farmers in the Lango region and greater north of Uganda by 2024 in addition to creating jobs along the value chain. Its target is to process up to 65,000 metric tons with ultimate turnover of USD 20million


Over Invested

Investment covered purchase of capital assets, feasibility studies and research, foundation seed, international travels, field monitoring, publicity

years of experience

In the commercial production, handling, processing, storage and marketing of soy products.

Farmers engaged

SSEAL has managed to work with over 150 male and 100 female farmers in Lango-Sub region

Beans in circulation

Different Soy bean varieties in circulation in Lango-sub region.