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Soy seeds, soy grain & multi-crop SSEALtech thresher technology,


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We are developing sustainable, commercial soybean value-chain operations in emerging markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Years of

We are an agribusiness development company registered and incorporated in Uganda promoting commercial production, handling, processing, storage and marketing of soy products.


We are a company focused on developing sustainable, commercial soybean value chain operations in emerging markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Working in tandem with many partners across the agricultural value chain, SSEAL promotes access to nutritious sources of protein in Sub-Saharan Africa by connecting smallholder farmers to larger scale providers of soybean seed, as well as processing operations that support commercial farmer development programs.


Our Core values

We are the winning team

Our C.E.O is an accomplished development worker turned social entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience designing and managing human development programs with local and international NGOs working in Uganda.

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